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Spanish Asthma Education Materials

asthma education in spanish
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which of your asthma education materials are available in Spanish?

A: Comic Books, Posters, Trading Cards, Inhaler Labels and Sticker Sheets are now available in Spanish via our online store.

asthma spanish materials


Q: How do I order the Spanish version of asthma education materials?

A: On the each product page, you’ll see option for “Language” where you can choose English or Spanish. For bulk items, you’ll see option for “Quantity-Language” where you can choose you preferred combination of quantity and language.

asthma patient education ordering

Q: Can I preview the Comic Book in Spanish?

A: Yes! You can preview the full Iggy y Los Inhaladores comic book below. The comic books are available in bulk quantities.

Q: Are Free Downloads available in Spanish?

A: Yes! Visit our Free Downloads page to receive the Spanish patient education handouts in high-quality PDF format.Or visit our clinic resource page for quick access to JPGs and Videos.

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