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Media coverage of Iggy and The Inhalers

Iggy on CBS News
CBS News anchors playing with Iggy and The Inhalers trading cards!!

The ITCH Podcast interviewed Alex about the origins of Iggy and The Inhalers and how Booster Shot Media uses comics help educate patients about asthma. - May 2019

University of Wisconsin featured Alex’s work on Iggy and The Inhalers and the new UW research study on Iggy on their website for the Department of Pediatrics. - November 2016

CBS Chicago visited Alex's medical office to interviewed him about Iggy and The Inhalers. The segment aired on CBS Chicago local news and the reporter even brought our trading cards back to the studio to give to the anchors! - January 2016

The Association of Medical Illustrators did a story about Booster Shot Media's creative process and development of comics for their quarter newsletter, AMI News. You can read the article in a preview version of the full publication. interviewed Alex on the latest release of our updated comic book, including lots of shots of our updated materials and Alex in action with patients, in the recent article: “Iggy and the Inhalers: Doctors Take Creative Approach to Educate Patients About Asthma”. The article also highlighted the prevalence of asthma in both adults and children. - December 2015

Chicago Council on Science & Technology Artist in Residence Aaron Freeman talked with Alex during C2ST’s regular online video series about topics in science and medicine. It was a fun Skype interview with Alex showing off a lot of the materials on screen and talking with Aaron about the need for asthma education with kids. You can view online on Aaron’s YouTube channel in the video called“#Asthma, #Comics & Metaphor w/Dr. AlexThomas”. - September 2015

The American Public Health Association interviewed Booster Shot Comics about Iggy and The Inhalers for the article “Health workers, artists partner to deliver messages via comics: Tools can influence health behavior” featured in the September 2014 issue of their monthly member publication, The Nation’s Health. - September 2014 asthma expert Pat Bass, MD, wrote about Iggy and The Inhalers in a blog post called “Novel Patient Education You Can Do Yourself.” Dr. Bass regularly writes and reports on all aspects of asthma and asthma education for patients and the general public. - July 2014

Voice of America News covered the Comics & Medicine 2014 Conference with a video and article “Comics Make Medicine Less Scary for Young Patients” that featured Iggy and The Inhalers, Kloss & Bruce’s hilarious Toxicology in a Box flashcards, and Ellen Forney’s wonderful graphic memoir Marbles. - July 2014

Contemporary Pediatrics featured an article about Alex Thomas, MD and asthma education for kids! Contemporary Pediatrics is a top source of clinical content for pediatricians and other pediatric health care providers on conditions and treatment options from birth through adolescence. - May 2014
Health Care Education Association monthly newsletter highlighted health communication specialist Gary Ashwal and the work of Booster Shot Comics! HCEA is a multi-disciplinary professional organization of health care educators. - April 2014

Our friend Comic Nurse (aka MK Czerwiec) gave us a shout out in her interview on Helen Osborne’s Health Literacy Out Loud podcast. MK is Artist in Residence at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and the co-manager of Helen Osborne is a well-known expert on health literacy. - February 2014

Graphic Medicine interviewed Alex and Gary during the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities 2013 annual meeting in Atlanta. Graphic Medicine is a site that explores the interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. - November 2013

The Toronto Star covered the 2012 Comics & Medicine conference at University of Toronto with a mention of Iggy and the Inhalers. - July 2012