Asthma Education for Kids!
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Presentations & Workshops

Alex Thomas at Comic Con

Comics Arts Conference at the San Diego Comic-Con International: Comics and Health Panel - 7/23/16

Booster Shot curated panel on healthcare education and public health comics. The panel also included comics on diabetes, emergency preparedness, influenza, and HIV/AIDS.

American Public Health Association: Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section - Materials Contest Winner - 11/2/2015

Booster Shot presented Iggy and the Inhalers as part of a panel of winners for the APHA PHEHP Materials contest. Iggy won the multimedia award category.

Comics & Medicine 2014 Conference: Comics in Pediatric Patient Education Superheroes, Monstrous Villains & Helpful Dinosaurs - 6/28/2014

Booster Shot Comics presented our latest research from Madison Asthma Camp 2014 at the Comics & Medicine 2014 Conference: From Private Lives to Public Health at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

Pediatrics Scholarly Nugget: Asthma Education Intervention - 11/7/2013

A presentation of the “Iggy and the Inhalers” Education Program to the general pediatricians and pediatric specialists at the University of Wisconsin Department of Pediatrics General Faculty Meeting

Graphic Medicine at Work: Research Outcomes When the Intervention Is a Comic - 10/26/2013

At the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA, We presented with a panel of a few colleagues from Graphic Medicine on research when comics is the intervention. You can view our presentation on slideshare.

How to Make Health Education Comics Workshop -  7/5/2013

At the 2013 Comics and Medicine Conference at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School in Brighton, UK, we conducted a workshop where healthcare professionals, comics creators, students, academic scholars, comics enthusiasts, and others joined us in learning how to turn complex medical information into informative and engaging comics! You can read our blog post about our workshop here!

Madison Asthma Camp 2013  - 6/14/2013

At the annual Madison Asthma Camp, children with asthma participated in a day of educational activities that included asthma education sessions using the Iggy the Inhalers comic book, trading cards and the first public viewing of our animated video!

Asthma Education and Management: From the Struggles of the School Aged Child to the Trials of the Teenager  - 5/9/2013

At the University of Wisconsin 2013 Childhood Allergic Diseases Conference, we gave a presentation on childhood asthma education to primary care providers, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists who participate in the treatment of childhood allergic diseases.

The Use of Comics in Asthma Education - 4/10/2013

At the 2013 Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit, we presented on the use of comics in health education to a group that included individuals from the fields of health care, adult literacy and health care policy to address health literacy from an interdisciplinary perspective. You can watch a video of the presentation here!

Comics to Engage Patients and Families - 12/8/2012

We presented on the usefulness of comics and sequential art in patient education as part of the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine Primary Care Faculty Development Program. The group consisted of primary care providers in the community, including general pediatricians, internists, family medicine physicians and nurse practitioners.

Iggy and the Inhalers - 7/22/12

We presented our work on Iggy and the Inhalers at the Comics and Medicine 2012 International Conference at the University of Toronto. This fantastic interdisciplinary conference was attended by healthcare professionals, comics creators, artists, students, academic scholars, comics enthusiasts and others. You can read our blog post about the conference or listen to an audio recording of our presentation during the Comics in Patient Education panel.

Madison Asthma Camp 2012 - 6/2012

At the 2012 Madison Asthma Camp, children with asthma participated in a day of educational activities that included asthma education sessions using the Iggy the Inhalers comic book and trading cards.

Asthma Education: A Cartoon Approach - 12/2008

We gave a presentation of the early stages of the Iggy and the Inhalers comic at the executive committee meeting of the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition. We presented to the executive committee that consisted of allergists, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, nurses and public health experts.