Asthma Education for Kids!
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Asthma Research

Evidence-Based Asthma Education

Iggy and The Inhalers continues to be evaluated in schools, clinics, and asthma camps. Based on researcher feedback, we continually improve effectiveness of the multimedia asthma education content.


Public School Study

Journal of School Nursing - Asthma Study

The Journal of School Nursing published "Evaluation of a School-Based Asthma Education Protocol: Iggy and The Inhalers" (Mickel et al., 2016) on a study of 173 elementary school students at 7 different schools in an urban Midwest school district. (See chart below)asthma study research results

Asthma knowledge increased significantly (p < .001) between pretest and posttest, and this increase was retained at 1-month follow-up.

- Mickel et al.


Clinical Study

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Advocate Health Care is currently recruiting for a prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial of Iggy and The Inhalers at Yacktman General Pediatrics Clinic. You can view details on (NCT02839252) to learn more about the study.


Asthma Camp Testing

Asthma Camp Testing

Since 2011, "Iggy and the Inhalers" has been implemented and informally tested every summer at the Madison Asthma Camp at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Evaluation included camper feed back, qualitative testing as well as pre and post intervention asthma knowledge testing.

"It is fun and educational."

"It taught me new things I didn't know."

"They teach you how to use the inhaler & what the inhalers do."

 - Participants from 2016 Madison Asthma Camps

Asthma Camp Pre and Post Test

You can read more about our research in this SlideShare presentation from the Comics and Medicine conference held at Johns Hopkins University.


Formative Research

During the development of "Iggy and the Inhalers," we conducted focus group testing with real kids with asthma to see what they would like to see in an asthma education program. We shared early drafts of "Iggy and the Inhalers" with 30 children at 2 Asthma and Allergy Clinics in Chicago (1 suburban location, 1 urban location). Based on their feedback, we made adjustments to the characters, visuals, and text, insuring that kids could understand the basic concepts of asthma pathophysiology, medication mechanism of action as well as making sure our materials were also still fun and engaging for kids!